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Remote Test Runner.run(Remote Test Runner.java:390) at org.internal.junit.runner. Remote Test Runner.main(Remote Test Runner.java:197)package com.daimler.atmsvc.whoisonlinesvc.arquillian; import org.jboss.arquillian.api. Object Input Object0(Object Input Stream.java:1299) at Update: "I'm not sure whether the JBoss code is the issue here.Object Input Object(Object Input Stream.java:339) at server. RMIConnection Impl_MBean Info(Unkno wn Source) at javax.management. get MBean Info(RMIConnector.java:1028) at sun.tools.jconsole.inspector. MBean Info(XMBean.java:194) at sun.tools.jconsole.inspector. XSheet.run(XSheet.java:225) at sun.tools.jconsole. Worker.run(Worker.java:37) Exception in thread "[email protected]" After reporting the problem, I subsequently determined that the underlying issue was a classpath problem in the jconsole process (not in the JBoss process).I am using the WAS (Websphere) 8 Container, taken from Git and compiled and installed to my local repo without any problems. M2_REPO/org/jboss/arquillian/container/arquillian-was-embedded-8/1.0.0-Snapshot/arquillian-container-was-embedded-8. If I start the test it IMMEDIATE fails with a null Pointer: com.daimler.atmsvc.whoisonlinesvc.arquillian. Null Pointer Exception at org.jboss.arquillian.junit. Arquillian.evaluate(Arquillian.java:290) at org.jboss.arquillian.junit. Arquillian.evaluate(Arquillian.java:226) at org.jboss.arquillian.junit. Arquillian.multi Execute(Arquillian.java:314) at org.jboss.arquillian.junit. Arquillian.access0(Arquillian.java:46) at org.jboss.arquillian.junit. Arquillian.evaluate(Arquillian.java:240) at org.junit.runners. Block JUnit4Class Child(Block JUnit4Class Runner.java:76) at org.junit.runners. For running the tests I have added the following to my junit run configuration config for my adapter (taken as -d arg ...): arquillian.launch=src/main/resources/classpath: M2_REPO/org/jboss/arquillian/core/arquillian-core-spi/1.0.3. M2_REPO/org/jboss/arquillian/container/arquillian-container-spi/1.0.3. Block JUnit4Class Child(Block JUnit4Class Runner.java:50) at org.junit.runners. Object Input Stream.default Read Object(Object Input Stream.java:46 8) at javax.management.modelmbean.

Object Input Object0(Object Input Stream.java:1293) at Object Input Serial Data(Object Input Stream.java:1836) at Object Input Ordinary Object(Object Input Stream.java:1 713) at Container.add(Container.java:899) at sun.tools.jconsole.inspector. XSheet.update Panel(XSheet.java:269) at sun.tools.jconsole.inspector. XSheet.access(XSheet.java:264) at sun.tools.jconsole.inspector. XSheet.run(XSheet.java:259) at sun.tools.jconsole. Worker.run(Worker.java:37) REPRODUCIBILITY : This bug can be reproduced always.Map descriptor = (Map) fields.get("descriptor", null); The subsequent code invokes a method on descriptor regardless of whether it's null, triggering a null value exception for mbean attributes that return null in this call.Perhaps the mbean that I'm failing on shouldn't be generating a null value in this circumstance and I'm pursuing it from my end.

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