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Donna tells them that at first it was just very minor occurrences, but then the poltergeist started to break objects, and, two nights ago, it attacked Katie.Katie then stands and lifts up her t-shirt, exposing her stomach, where the words "Murdered Child" have been carved onto her skin.Also, with most of the online dating sites having apps, just chatting on the apps works great too.

Press reports said the pair turned down over 40 couples because they were not officially married, causing concern that they would not guarantee confidentiality.

It said police also arrested a lawyer at a cafe in the Cairo suburb Giza while he was finalising a swap deal, adding that another swap was set for the weekend with a young man from the Gulf and his wife.

Many of the ads on the website used by the couple are said to contain personal email addresses and phone numbers.

They are visiting Donna, their old babysitter and her family (her husband, and her daughter Katie).

Donna tells Katie that she knew John, and Sam tells her that John was an expert in hunting ghosts, and now he and Dean are too.

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