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By age two, wolves of both sexes usually leave their birth packs and strike out on their own, sometimes covering hundreds of miles as they search for mates and new territory.

Whatever the reason, when wolves move, they do it with intent—and quickly.

They made a den inside a huge felled ponderosa and cared for their first round of pups, born blind and helpless in early spring.

They were now officially a pack, the first to exist in Oregon for nearly 60 years.

She was born to the Timberline Pack, north of Idaho City, and it’s possible to trace her ancestry back to the state’s formal wolf reintroduction in 1996.

In September, two members of her pack were shot by wildlife officials after they killed a sheep and a dog.

The black wolf and B300 mated for the first time in December of 2006 or 2007—nobody knows when exactly.

They settled in the high timber of the Wallowa Mountains, a kingdom of pines and wildflowers and cow pies that curves like a palisade around the agricultural communities of Joseph and Enterprise.

For Morgan, hunting is not about killing and winning, but rather being part of what he calls “the goods and hardships of nature.” Hunting isn’t a sport for him.

There’s a lot of care and focus and silence involved when he goes into the woods with a game tag.

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Other skills that would be especially advantageous or in demand during such a time?

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