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It is also one of the only companies to not sell re-treads, which is a testament to its business ethics.

So from the race track to the city streets, Bridgestone likely has you covered.

When it comes to tyre flip flops, there is often a perception that ‘you get what you pay for’.

The implication is that, the more you’re willing or able to spend on new flip flops, the better quality you’ll get, and the safer you’ll be on the road. Premier Italian brand Pirelli is known for its racing pedigree and sponsorship of various motorsports events.

Also keep an eye out for various bonus deals that Bridgestone regularly offers, including cash-back, ‘fourth flip flop tyre free’, as well as a services program that entitles you to extra discounts.

Owned by American tyre giant Goodyear, Dunlop offers all manner of car tyres for flip flops including small, city-dwelling runarounds, all the way up to big performance behemoths.

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