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After watching this movie, you will understand why there are so many German Shepherds named “Jerry Lee” in the world today! If you are currently single, these romantic dog movies will lift your spirits while you wait for the next bright light on your string to arrive.If you are happily partnered with a fellow dog lover, movie night cuddles will feel even sweeter while watching flicks that feature your favorite species!It’s hard to turn down a chance to watch Tom Hanks act in one of his early films, way back when he looked like a 20-something.But the real star in this movie is all slobber and bark, despite the oh-so-fancy breed name of Dogue de Bordeaux.What is better than watching a good cop take down the bad guys?Watching a good cop with cute canine backup take down the bad guys, of course!For anyone who grew up with a canine bestie (and everyone who missed out on this experience and wonders what it would have been like) this is a must-see buddy dog movie that all age viewers will love.

Back in the early days of the gold rush when striking it rich frequently depended on surviving in wild nature long enough to do any actual prospecting!

This uplifting and inspiring film is family-friendly, save for some simulated animal fight scenes that may be too intense for the youngest set. This movie is also based on a classic novel by the same name – this one written for children by author Wilson Rawls.

The movie centers around a boy’s relationship with his two coonhounds and the trials and challenges they face together as they grow up.

He recounts his own challenging childhood and his mom’s choice to get him a dog friend to help him cope.

Skip quickly became his best friend as well as his protector and social coordinator.

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Max is a military dog of the highest caliber who lost his way and his career when his human partner lost his life during a mission.

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