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But she also notes that the number of Turkish men who have married Syrian refugee women, making them their second wives, has risen markedly. "Some of these men claim they are marrying them to protect them, out of a moral decency.

Many of these men don't have children, or, especially, don't have any male offspring." Getting a second wife from Syria One activist, who is based in Turkey's southeastern Sanliurfa region and wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, has been told by several women that men threaten them when they're dissatisfied.

Some men then threaten to "get a second wife from Syria." The activist also highlighted the financial side of marrying a second partner.

The platform was set up to help married men and women from Turkey find a second partner.

Before being shut down, the website defined its clientele as: - Men, who for various reasons are not divorcing from their partners, although they no longer live in a relationship - Women, who for various reasons opt not to marry but simultaneously chose not to sin - Women, who seek a relationship with a married man - Women, who find themselves in a hopeless situation and are at risk of falling prey to prostitution - Men and women who want to satisfy their sexual desires without committing a sin - Those, who want to marry Media reports about the platform sparked outrage.

The Federation of Turkish Women's Associations (TKFD) immediately took legal action, calling on Ankara's state attorney to shut down the site.

In its statement, the TKFD said: "The platform uses the female body and religious rituals to further gender discrimination." Religious questionnaire It still remains unclear who ran the platform that now has been shut down at the behest of Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK).

The website's "About" section cited from Koran chapter 4, which sets out the relationship between men and women. "Second Wife" and "Syrian Women" are two such platforms.

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