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There are complications and Tom Moore is probably better at describing these to you than I am, but basically you are looking at seasonal variations.

So, first of all, my memory had served me right and there was no reason to jump on my post regarding that.

If either catastrophe disturbed the climatic patterns of the world very much (and one would presume that they would), then many storms of varying intensities AND temperatures would have arrived over the poles in rapid succession.

It seems to me that this would produce the same things we see in the ice cores that are now attributed to a long series of unchanging seasons.

Gallo was right when he mentioned that compression would destroy the "rings." I believe some dating of ice cores is done via a O16/O14 ratio, but I am not sure.

The oxygen isotopes in ice cores are used to date the cores due to the seasonal variations.To assume, without evidence, that any other cause is reasonable, is irrational at best. Besides, I doubt that you can cram 100,000 storms into 4000 years. This is what I hear mostly from evolutionists, gallo -- especially in regard to transitionals...:-)In the meantime, there is nothing unscientific about looking for other explanations, biblical or not. Joe said he would explain to me about oxygen isotopes if I answered him about why I posted something the way I did. Some background here, because I want to continue the questions regarding this subject: I had heard the theory/idea some time ago that O16 and O14 could be checked in relationship to each other in ice core samples to check temperature and climate conditions at the time of the snowfall.I had also thought that dating was mentioned in regard to this.At any rate, the story invented to make the mythology of the Bible seem reasonable requires that you claim different causes.There is no evidence that the ice layers going down for several thousand years were formed for any other reasons than those we know to be in effect today.

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