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The decision was announced by an official social media channel of the court today.

The short notice describes the ruling as the first SEP injunction to be issued in China on the basis of an “international” SEP.

To cope with rising workloads, 18 months ago the now ex-director of patent administration at the EPO, Ciaran Mc Ginley implemented a structure of hubs in which staff were regrouped into large units with “sufficient manpower and expertise”, according to SUEPO.

How about looking into legal abuses of Battistelli? How about constitutional issues associated with UPC?

While the EC/EP/EU (or the Committee on Legal Affairs) looked the other way more EPO staff committed suicide and the institution became synonymous with lawlessness.

The office also plans to create new specialised directorates to deal with opposition procedures. Apply for the Praktika Intern programme here…” Amid Summary: The person who is rapidly ruining the quality that the EPO stood for over the years (nearly half a century) lies to his staff and stakeholders today; He has even, in his own words, “chaired our annual Quality Review” to review his own supposed ‘performance’ THE quality of patents at the Office of Benoît Battistelli is as high as the quality of the lies of Benoît Battistelli.

This Liar in Chief continued lying today; he spoke about patent quality yet again. “At the beginning of December,” he wrote, “I chaired our annual Quality Review, comprised of senior EPO management who are integral to maintaining and developing the Office’s quality.” So Battistelli controls everything, even things that are tasked with assessing his performance. Not at the EPO anyway; this has become the norm and something to be perpetually expected. Battistelli is moving his lips again, having returned from his (longer than other staff’s) break.

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Where were these ‘public’ servants when that happened?

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