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Taking a look at the key differences between coffee and tea is a good way to understand why each drink is so popular, and why each has an entire business and social culture built around it.The following is a summarized comparison between coffee and tea: Tea’s true history is shrouded in the mists of time, but the drink almost certainly originated in China about 3,000 years ago.While both offer beneficial health effects, they have quite different effects on the human body.In addition, coffee and tea have interesting, though quite opposite, histories.That’s because caffeine helps to relax the respiratory system and allow for easier air intake.While coffee does have a few healthful benefits, tea has many more, including the ability to fight cancers of various types as well as heart disease.Due to coffee’s higher caffeine content, the so-called modern “coffee culture” is one of fast-paced social interaction, quick movement and rapid conversation.Tea is a beverage that is typically consumed in a slower-paced social environment.

On average, a cup of tea contains about 55 milligrams of caffeine.

It is sipped and savored and appreciated for its flavor.

Coffee drinkers, at least in Western nations, are more apt to use the beverage as a wakeup aid and as a vehicle for social interaction in the coffee-shop circuit.

Compared to coffee, tea has the clear advantage when it comes to positive health effects. Matcha tea, a green tea used in social ceremonies in Japan and elsewhere in Asia, is perhaps the most powerfully healthful of all known varieties.

In the 1800s, doctors in Europe used coffee to treat asthma.

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