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A dog-walker from nearby Wheathampstead stumbled across the mutilated corpse of a muntjac deer in April.The deer had been brutally killed and stripped amid growing fears that a massive cat was on the loose.

A stunned cabbie believes that he caught the legendary big cat on camera minutes before sunrise on Sunday.

Jahid Choudhury dramatically snapped the huge beast – which looks like a deadly puma – as he drove home at 4.30am in the morning after finishing work.

The quick-thinking London Colney taxi driver also captured the beautiful sleek animal, a natural born killer, on video.

Pumas will kill everything from rabbits and birds to sheep, deer, goats and other livestock.

The magnificent creatures are highly adaptive and are able to survive and thrive in many different environments – making it highly likely that they are flourishing in the English countryside.

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